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Upskilling your workforce – with KTS

For both developing and developed nations, the need for upskilling is compelling today. There is a clear gap between the labor market and the skills required to meet the job demand. This is where the importance of vocational, technical, and competency-based education plays a critical role. According to the recent Prime Minister’s Employment Program, over 1.5 million have filed for unemployment benefits. In addition, Nepali migrant workers have been obliged to return home because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of them have lost their jobs and are forced to survive with little or no money. We proactively collaborate and partner with the government to empower and equip the youth with skills that will enable them to find and keep employment.


Fulfill specific skilled workforce needs

KTS covers multi-sector talent transformation to augment an enterprise workforce.  Eliminate your talent gaps in Hospitality, Manufacturing, Mechanics, Management, and Marketing among others.  

Anything is possible when your entire workforce — employees, practitioners, and leaders — includes all of the talents you need to innovate and flourish. With a solution that nurtures talent to augment your entire workforce you see endless scalability in action.


  1. Small Hotel & Lodge Assistant
  2. Bartender
  3. Waiter/Waitress
  4. Commercial Cook/Baker
  5. Barista
  1. Cooperative Manager
  2. Enterprise Development Facilitator
  3. Library Assistant
  4. Sales Person
  5. Saving And Credit Mobilizing
  1. Professional Computer Hardware And Network Technician
  2. Professional Building Electrician
  3. Professional LCD,LED TV Repair Technician
  4. Professional Plumber
  5. Professional Telecom Technician
  6. Construction and Engineering
  1. Backhoe Loader Operator
  2. Excavator Operator
  3. Mobile Crane Operator
  1. Care Giver

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