Hospitality Management Training


The job market is evolving and changing quicker than ever before and so should you. At times like these, At times like these, there occurs skill gaps when the skills of job seekers don’t match the employer and industry demands. This presents a challenge for This presents a challenge for both job seekers and providers to find right people to work with.

At Kathmandu Technical School (KTS), we work towards solving this very problem by providing skilled workforce. We have identified skill gaps across various industries and curated courses that train, empower, and equip our learners to take on the world! We provide courses that provide foundational skills, core skills, and specific skills to individuals so that they can easily fit into institutions within specific industries.
Chandragiri Hills Resort

KTS Centre for Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality sector is one of the fastest growing business in the economy. In-spite of the high demand of workforce, we can see skilled human resource gap between employers’ need and supply of workforce. The hospitality business has a great need for qualified hospitality professionals, but we are lagging behind to supply the skilled human resource. Therefore, Kathmandu Technical School (KTS) in collaboration with Chandragiri Hills, Hotel Le Himalaya in Kathmandu, and The Lakeside Retreat in Pokhara, is offering hospitality management training to motivated youths in order to generate competent and skilled resources. Interested applicants with a SEE/SLC or higher education degree can apply for this career-advancing training program.
Hotel Le Himalaya

Hospitality Management Training

Training programmes designed to incorporate all requirements to serve in the hotel industry and to build a fully qualified hospitality professional. The industry’s biggest concern is a lack of skilled workers, therefore Kathmandu Technical school (KTS) decided to train its trainees in the hotel sector specifically. KTS has done MOUs with well-known hotels where learners can receive training and opportunity to gain practical job experience of hospitality sector. Interested applicants with a SEE/SLC or higher education degree can apply for this career-advancing training programme.
The Lakeside Retreat, Pokhara


Front office & housekeeping, food production, food & beverage services, bartending & restaurant services, cooking & serving various food items.

Training Duration

2 months package includes 1 month of OJT (On-the job training) at Chandragiri Hills Resort, Hotel Le Himalaya in Kathmandu and The Lakeside Retreat in Pokhara.

Learning Support & Facilities

Well-equipped labs/workshops, industry experienced instructors, placement support after the training.

Who Should Enroll

  • Interested individuals with educational qualification of SEE / SLC and above,
  • Those looking for part-time work in hotels, inns, and restaurants before and after they travel to study abroad,
  • Aspiring business owners wishing to establish hotels, lodges, inns and motel,
  • Individuals who are passionate about the hospitality industry and wish to work there.


Certificate issued from KTS in affiliation to CTEVT.

Learning Support and Facilities

  • Well-equipped labs / workshops for practical and demonstration.
  • Highly experienced instructors.
  • On-the job / internship in Chandragiri Hills, Hotel Le Himalaya in Kathmandu.
  • Job placement support (job placement for 1st three trainees in merit basis).

Other specialized trainings offered from KTS in hospitality sector

Small Hotel & Lodge Management




Waiter & Waitress

Hotel Le Himalaya